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UL is pleased to be attending:

Infocast Projects and Money 
January 16-18, 2018
New Orleans, LA, USA

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UL works with many of the world's most experienced renewable project developers/owners, investors and financiers. Our consulting services provide third-party independent assessment of projects throughout the renewable energy project lifecycle, from the early states of site prospecting to bankable energy reports for financing, construction,  operations, as well as throughout the value chain.

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Panel Discussion:
"Renewables Development Outlook and Its Impact"

Gill Howard Larsen, Global Director of Due Diligence, UL
January 17, 2018 | 2:15 PM 

Renewables are cheap and getting cheaper. The continuing penetration has wide-ranging implication for developers and the grid. This session will look at the renewables development outlook and assess its ramifications. 

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