Pre-Conference Technical Training Seminar

Optimizing Energy Production Throughout a Wind Farm Project Lifecycle

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AWS Truepower will host a panel of its wind experts to speak on optimizing energy production throughout the wind farm project lifecycle. The session will be broken into four parts beginning with pre-construction through operational and end of warranty phases.


Optimizing Your Wind Project In the Preconstruction Phase

One of the biggest risks in wind development is the uncertainty of the wind resource. This session will cover how proper site selection, measurement program design, and data collection and analysis can significantly impact energy production estimates.

Best Practices for Obtaining Project Finance
This session will discuss how resource uncertainty impacts energy production estimation as it relates to investment and financing. Topics covered include: steps involved in predicting wind plant output, sources of losses and uncertainty, probabilities of energy exceedence, and how to interpret them, the impact of energy uncertainty on capital structure and debt capacity, and implications of energy values on future cash flows.

Reducing Sub-optimal Performance
Using real world examples, this session will cover techniques and approaches to help minimize lost energy due to sub-optimal performance, how dianostics can be used to help evolve O&M strategy, and how quality assurance measures can help minimize lost energy due to sub-optimal performance.

Managing a Portfolio of Projects
When summing the P75-P99 net production values for a portfolio of wind projects directly, it is assumed that the uncertainties are perfectly correlated, which is not usually the case. This session will discuss the portfolio benefit as it applies to wind energy projects, introduce portfolio analysis methodology and the assumptions used, discuss key sensitivity factors, and give real-world examples of ranges of portfolio benefit for different combinations of operational and preconstruction wind projects.